We are a MITX community powered by over 3,000 women across 250 companies and growing.

We keep our community connected through rich content, thought leadership events, workshops, an advisory network, and fun activities.

Throughout the year, InfluenceHER has unique interactions and programming meant to support women shaping the next generation workplace.


have opinions and are fearless to share them.

But have enough confidence to keep an open mind.

are women with secrets and stories,

on a mission to be bearers of truth with candor and authenticity.

are powerful and sensitive.

In this contradiction, we find our strength.

believe in a fluid definition of success.

Measured in happiness, time, and fulfillment. And, yeah, influence

and money, too.

value community over competition.

We welcome all perspectives.

have the courage to ask impossible questions,

And the cojones to find some of the answers.

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Influence(her) speaker
Influence(her) Off the Record

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about MITX

Founded in 1996, MITX (The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange) is a community of restless knowledge seekers who collaborate and drive how technology is shaping the future of customer experiences. We curate and develop content, experiences, and interactions that keep members ahead of the pace of change.

InfluenceHER grew out of MITX's technology and innovation community, as member companies continued to tell us how they are losing women between the ages of 23 - 38 years old or are unsure of how to support women in senior roles. As an organization that not only supports the community but is run by five women in that exact age range, we want to change the outcome for everyone.

Learn more about MITX at mitx.org

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