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Highlights from

InfluenceHER Week 2019

JULY 24, 2019

Last week, we took over Drydock Hall in Boston Seaport's Innovation and Design Building for a two day event experience known as InfluenceHER Week — an opportunity for women to come together to share their challenges, enhance their skills, make new connections, and most importantly, support each other's success. We were honored to be in a room filled with so many inspiring women who were so eager to encourage and uplift each other.

Over the course of the two days there was certainly plenty words of wisdom shared by our speakers and mentors, and we've captured a few of our favorites below.


"If you don't wake up in the morning with at least a small amount of fear, you're not doing it right."

- Joanna Saltz, Editorial Director, House Beautiful & Delish

"Don't give up because one or a few people put you down. Because another door will open and you must be prepared. Resilience requires deliberate and intentional preparedness."

- Jackie Glenn, Founder of Glenn Diversity and HR Solutions // Author of Lift as I Climb

"You will never get it all done, so don't make that promise. The goal is to be fulfilled, committed to, and successful in what matters most."

- Alesia Latson, Founder & Principal, Latson Leadership Group // LEADvantage

"Dreams are meant for living, not for achieving."

- Liz Eskenazi, Founder and Principal, Mind the Core

"What great brands understand is that their brand is not the hero. The brand is the guide, and the hero is always the customer.

This story is for them."

- Viktoria Harrison, Co-Founder, charity: water


"Don’t fall into this romantic idea that people have the patience to understand what you’re trying to do. Create an experience around the product."

- Tzurit Or, Founder and CEO, Tatte Bakery & Cafe


"The thing you like least about yourself will be your brand differentiator."

- Jackie Glenn, Founder of Glenn Diversity and HR Solutions // Author of Lift as I Climb

"AI is here to assist us, not to replace us...[but] in order for people to begin trusting blockchain and AI, they need to understand what the technology is capable of."

- Lisa Amini, Director, IBM Research Cambridge

"Because we think we can do it later, we avoid making choices about what to do and what not to do now, which leaves us feeling overwhelmed by it all. The more I resist and avoid something, the more it persists and robs me of my peace of mind."

- Alesia Latson, Founder & Principal, Latson Leadership Group // Co-Founder, LeadvantEDGE

"Knowing you need help with something does not define weakness. Make sure your 'asks' are confident, and remember they don't take away from you."

- Jes Osrow, Director of People and Culture, TodayTix // Co-founder of The Rise Journey

"Once you feel you're 100% ready for your next role, chances are you're overqualified."

- Rob Cataldo, VP, Enterprise Sales North America, Kaspersky

"All you are is as good as the thing you do today, and frankly, the passion you have for tomorrow."

- Joanna Saltz, Editorial Director, House Beautiful & Delish

"Humans are wired for memory, not for imagination. Use your memories and experiences to shape your dreams, because trying to see something that you've never

seen before is almost impossible."

- Liz Eskenazi, Founder and Principal, Mind the Core



Our attendees were fueled up and energized for the day's content thanks to our many food and beverage partners. KIND Snacks and Power Crunch provided protein-packed energy bars to help kick start the day. Waku wellness tea, Polar seltzer, Hint Water, and David's Tea kept our guests hydrated throughout each day. Plus Yasso yogurt provided a sweet afternoon pick-me-up with their yummy ice cream bars, while Bohana brought snacks to munch on during breaks.

We also had many amazing after-party partners! We can't thank America's Test Kitchen enough for welcoming everyone into their beautiful space and being such gracious hosts (and handing out free cookbooks!). A huge thank you to Rue Gilt Groupe as well for being our official after-party sponsor and ensuring we had a variety of delicious bites for party-goers.

Our bar was fully stocked thanks to PRESS Seltzer, Boston Beer Company, and 90+ Cellars. Plus Stirrings whipped up some lovely cocktails with their signature mixers. Milk bar made sure everyone's sugar cravings were satisfied as our official dessert sponsor, providing their famous cake truffles and cookies. Taza Chocolate also hooked us up with a chocolate tasting station (because they rock).

Attendees also took home a swag bag full of goodies from Accenture, COOLA, Hydralyte, Skinny Dipped Almonds, Taza Chocolate, Primal Kitchen, Raised Real, VitalFit Nutrition, The Wing, StirringsKaspersky, Busy Beauty, 10% Happier, and ProjectMe Pro.

We'd also like to thank EPAM Continuum, Stanley Ventures, and Mass Challenge for welcoming us into their offices to host workshops and mentor discussion groups.

InfluenceHER Week guests were also given the opportunity to take advantage of a career coaching session thanks to career and life coaches Shannon O'Brien (Whole U) and Denise Spacinsky (ProjectMe Pro) who donated their time.

Lastly, we want to thank our year-long InfluenceHER sponsors who's commitment to our mission enables us to make this event happen. To our greatest supporters Wordstream, Vistaprint, Morgan Lewis, Kaspersky, C Space and Accenture - THANK YOU!


“I didn't think it was possible, but year two of InfluenceHER was even better than the inaugural. With learning and networking opportunities aplenty, I walked away with new connections and skills.”