The Inspiring Women of InfluenceHER

Since establishing InfluenceHER in 2016, we've been very lucky to have more than one hundred incredibly impressive and admirable women share their wisdom with our community. In honor of International Women's Day, we're highlighting some of our favorite quotes from these women below. 

“We are in a time and a space culturally, where there is no better time to reach out and support the women around you.”

Alex Williamson, Former Chief Brand Officer, Bumble


"Don't give up because one or a few people put you down. Because another door will open and you must be prepared. Resilience requires deliberate and intentional preparedness."

Jackie Glenn, Founder of Glenn Diversity and HR Solutions // Author of Lift as I Climb

“If we have more women in leadership positions and starting their own companies, we can actually change the rules.”

Claudia Reuter, Managing Director // TechStars

"It's easy to internalize your failure, but once you reframe it in your mind, you realize how much smarter you are because of it." 

— Amanda Goetz, VP of Marketing, The Knot


"All you are is as good as the thing you do today, and frankly, the passion you have for tomorrow."


— Joanna Saltz, Editorial Director, House Beautiful & Delish

"Knowing you need help with something does not define weakness. Make sure your 'asks' are confident, and remember they don't take away from you."


—  Jes Osrow, Director of People and Culture, TodayTix // Co-founder of The Rise Journey

Cheers to all of the women that dedicate their time and energy to helping each other succeed. You make what we do here at InfluenceHER so rewarding and we cherish your continual support and encouragement.


If you're looking for more ways you can help other women continue to thrive and grow, consider joining our InfluenceHER Advisory Network — an online community where mentees can set and achieve tangible goals with the help of others in the InfluenceHER network providing their expertise.